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Did you know that you can take control of your LinkedIn company page and post updates, job opportunities, company thoughts, FAQs and perspectives?  If not, here are some tips to get you started.

FIRST – Create/Complete/Update your company page

You can’t get started until you have one, and it won’t help you if it is out of date.  If you are looking to enhance your page, keep in mind that you can post images, videos and rich media content to support your on page text.  You can also and build out your products and services pages.

To get started on creating your company page, login to LinkedIn, click on the Companies tab, and click Add a Company on the right hand side.

NEXT – Build a following

This can be current employees, their friends, your friends, your customers, almost anyone.  Let your employees and clients know they can follow your company on LinkedIn, just like they can on other social media outlets.  To get in the mix of other companies and individuals, follow your peers, vendors, and other companies you interact with. If you want to be more direct, send an announcement to request people follow your page and provide them a few good reasons WHY.

SIMULTANEOUSLY – Provide value-add content and interact

People and other companies are not going to follow you unless there is a strong reason to.  Engaging people through job postings or company updates is a great start, but this may not create long-term interest of  your target customers or clients.  To do that, provide them with value-add updates that can help them and/or their business. Remember, social media is about attracting customers, but to attract customers it cannot be all about you and your business.  Instead it must be about them and their needs, and how you can best fulfill them.  Keep this in mind and provide helpful and value-add content to develop yourself as a thought leader and great partner for your followers, clients, and customers (potential or existing). Remember that questions are a great way to start a discussion and engage your audience. Help facilitate interaction with your company and start conversations with your followers.

IN CONCLUSION – Monitor your efforts

There is a great analytics feature to help you monitor who is visiting your page and viewing your information. This is just a straight numbers game, but to get information on who is engaging with your page, you can see this on your company profile. Pair those two pieces of information together and you should get some great insight on your company pages’ success.

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