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Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Top 10 Things to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

handshakeWhat exactly does a Virtual Assistant do? While we find a Virtual Assistant that has the experience and background to fit your needs, below are the top 10 tasks we see most frequently from our clients. Once you start talking about Virtual Assistants, you will be surprised to find out how many people you know that work with one!

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Multi-Tasking, Skill or Crutch?

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Should you take “multi-tasking” off your resume?

PrintThe entire concept and success of IMPACT virtual services is based around the ability to increase efficiency and productivity, so we can’t help but wonder about the skill so many applicants and professionals describe as, “multi-tasking.” Is this possible? And if so, is it truly the most efficient way to work? Many seem to be torn on whether or not this is a skill or a trait that inhibits productive, quality work.

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Two Thumbs Up

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Go online and it won’t take you long before you can read customer or client reviews on everything from a Thai restaurant to a Tax Accountant. It takes an extremely positive experience for someone to take action and write a positive review, but when something negative happens? Many are quick to post a nasty comment written in the heat of the moment. Here are some simple steps to cultivating all the good that exists out there!
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How Will You Get Your Message Across?

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Today there seems to be so many phone apps that it’s almost impossible to get them all straight. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, games in general, food networks, music channels, and the list goes on and on. I should also clarify that when I talk about apps here, I am not referencing finger food, but rather downloaded software applications for smart phones!

Specifically, I’d like to focus on a discussion surrounding the messaging applications. What are considered the best and why?

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Fourth Quarter Success

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Is it really that time already? The fall colors are coming into full bloom, football fills the television screen every Sunday (preferably Green Bay), evenings are brisk, chili is stewing in the crock pot, and the business year is soon coming to a close. Once Labor Day comes and goes, you know you need to ramp it up and knock your quotas out of the park. Hopefully fourth quarter will be your busiest and most successful one thus far. It doesn’t matter which key area makes your business flourish (new sales, mass production, promotional items, or new product lines); what truly matters is that you are prepared for fourth quarter success.

How can you make this happen? Let me give you a few suggestions.

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It’s Warm Out, Time to Leave the Office!

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Since this seems like the longest winter in all of mankind, maybe it’s time we start thinking positive about the countdown to the spring and summer months!  All that I can think about right now is how I recently returned from a wonderful family vacation in Mexico (highly recommended) and how I just want to go right back!  Not because I don’t love what I do, but because these frigid temperatures that we’ve experienced this year need to come to an end.

How about yourselves?  Are you looking forward to fresh cut flowers and warm sunny days, or are you more stressed about what your work load is going to look like, and what tasks you will need to accomplish to stay ahead of the game?  If the latter is true, you might want to consider what your options are to alleviate that stress and take some tasks off your plate in order to enjoy more of the sunshine, and appreciate the time you can spend with your family and friends.

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Social Media Tools For Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I can hardly believe that the year has already passed us by.  It’s amazing how time goes by so quickly.  When you think about this past year in review, were you able to accomplish all of your personal goals?  Did you lose those last 10lbs from your weight-loss goals, did you save up that extra $1,000 for your spring trip to Punta Cana next year, and did you take all of the time you had promised yourself, to spend with your precious families?

How about your business goals?  Were you able to grow your business all four quarters?  If you encountered down time, were you able to polish your skills and make use of that idle time or did you just sit back and enjoy the break?  A better question yet, how prepared are you now for the year to come?  How will you change up your business strategies and financial goals, or do you even need to change your strategies in 2014 to stand out with your targeted market?

Let’s talk about goals for the New Year and how social media may help to accomplish your resolutions!

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When Times Slow Down, Does Your Business Move Forward?

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As Fall begins to wind down and we bring this season to a close, it’s that time when we start thinking of all of the activities that the Holidays will soon bring. Do you own a business that has outstanding revenue from the summer months, such as a store near a beach setting, or waterfront restaurant? If this happens to be your situation, hopefully you had a very successful season of booming business, even if you’ve had little downtime to actually brainstorm your future business goals and upcoming profitable ideas.

Maybe you find yourself on the opposite scope of this scenario and are in a business that doesn’t have a busy season until winter begins? If this is geared toward you, it’s always important to keep those wheels spinning on how to not only retain your favorite clientele, but how you can also continue to grow your customer base.

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To All You Procrastinators, Here’s Some Help!

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As I sit and edit this article for my newsletter that goes out tomorrow, I have a feeling I’m not alone.  My newsletter and blog are posted the same time every month, and I have all month to prepare, yet here I am, 4:30 the afternoon before, and just finalizing things!

How many of you have put off applying to graduate school, or even something as simple as a trip to the grocery store (you mean it’s 6:00 already?!)?  Here’s one for you – did you start reading this blog and then stop to check your Facebook news feed?  Right there is a prime example of procrastination.  Ok, you’re guilty…now what?

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An Insightful Reminder to the Endless Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Part II

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Last month I had published some reminders on the endless benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs).  If you haven’t been sold just yet, here are a few more!  VAs really can make life so much easier; whether it’s for a small business, large business, or just to alleviate stress in your personal life.  Check out a few more helpful pointers that might just sway your decision.  Especially on days like today, when its 80 degrees and you want to get out for that hike at the lake, motorcycle ride, or even simply, a long walk with the dog.

More simple reminders on the many benefits to hiring a VA:

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