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Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Top 10 Things to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

handshakeWhat exactly does a Virtual Assistant do? While we find a Virtual Assistant that has the experience and background to fit your needs, below are the top 10 tasks we see most frequently from our clients. Once you start talking about Virtual Assistants, you will be surprised to find out how many people you know that work with one!

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Multi-Tasking, Skill or Crutch?

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Should you take “multi-tasking” off your resume?

PrintThe entire concept and success of IMPACT virtual services is based around the ability to increase efficiency and productivity, so we can’t help but wonder about the skill so many applicants and professionals describe as, “multi-tasking.” Is this possible? And if so, is it truly the most efficient way to work? Many seem to be torn on whether or not this is a skill or a trait that inhibits productive, quality work.

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Two Thumbs Up

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Go online and it won’t take you long before you can read customer or client reviews on everything from a Thai restaurant to a Tax Accountant. It takes an extremely positive experience for someone to take action and write a positive review, but when something negative happens? Many are quick to post a nasty comment written in the heat of the moment. Here are some simple steps to cultivating all the good that exists out there!
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How Will You Get Your Message Across?

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Today there seems to be so many phone apps that it’s almost impossible to get them all straight. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, games in general, food networks, music channels, and the list goes on and on. I should also clarify that when I talk about apps here, I am not referencing finger food, but rather downloaded software applications for smart phones!

Specifically, I’d like to focus on a discussion surrounding the messaging applications. What are considered the best and why?

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As Facebook Constantly Evolves, Are You Keeping Up?

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Facebook, how you love to constantly keep me on my toes!  Updates to my cover photo, updated formats to my timeline, how does one ever keep it all straight?  How will this affect my business page?  What’s going to happen to my logo and important company contact information?  If you are anything like me and your head is trying to grasp all of the new implementations from Facebook’s most recent updates released March 10, 2014, then worry no further.  I have done some homework and am pleased to come to the rescue.  Well… something like that!

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Social Media Tools For Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I can hardly believe that the year has already passed us by.  It’s amazing how time goes by so quickly.  When you think about this past year in review, were you able to accomplish all of your personal goals?  Did you lose those last 10lbs from your weight-loss goals, did you save up that extra $1,000 for your spring trip to Punta Cana next year, and did you take all of the time you had promised yourself, to spend with your precious families?

How about your business goals?  Were you able to grow your business all four quarters?  If you encountered down time, were you able to polish your skills and make use of that idle time or did you just sit back and enjoy the break?  A better question yet, how prepared are you now for the year to come?  How will you change up your business strategies and financial goals, or do you even need to change your strategies in 2014 to stand out with your targeted market?

Let’s talk about goals for the New Year and how social media may help to accomplish your resolutions!

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Facebook VS Google: Which To Advertise On?

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For those of us that have considered taking a risk and venturing out on our own to start our dream business, one key step we’ve needed to seriously consider is how are we going to advertise to our target audience?  Of course there are big money marketing solutions, but for most of us on a penny-pinching budget, we need something effective, yet cost efficient.  My intent for this blog will be to focus on two forms of battling advertising methods, and which of these may be the best for your new start-up business:  Facebook vs. Google.

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When Will It Be Time To Go “Home?”

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Who has taken the Facebook Home plunge since its grand induction into the Android device reality on April 12th?  If you’re asking yourself what exactly is Facebook Home, look no further.   It’s basically the next wave of technology to make your lock screen a giant scrolling newsfeed from your favorite social media site, Facebook.  Messages, IM chat, videos, pictures, and the latest and greatest news posts can all be found at the touch of your home screen.

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The Big Dance and Social Media

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I thought for this blog topic, I’d try to appeal to my followers that are sports fanatics!  Even if you’re not a sports fan, it is hard not to turn on the television in late March/early April and get suckered into watching the final few seconds of a neck in neck basketball game in the craziness of March Madness.

As you have probably noticed, there are endless rules associated with the tournament, designed to cover even the most miniscule infractions.  Surprisingly enough, even though you would think these rules extend into social media, they are still yet to do be defined when it comes down to how to deal with the issue of student-athletes and social media.

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